Cisco IOS Service-Containers: Run an x86-VM inside a Router (Part 4: Package the Service-VM into an OVA)

I’ll start at the KVM-Virtualization Host („Ubuntu Desktop“) again.

Folder Structure
I’ll create a folder „isr-service-container“ for common stuff (package.yaml, and a for each VM a dedicated sub-folder, today: „ubuntu-server16.04“

user@KVM-1:~$ mkdir isr-service-container
user@KVM-1:~$ cd isr-service-container
user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container$ mkdir ubuntu-server16.04

Download the Cisco-provided „templates.tar“ from GitHub (GitHub: Templates.tar).
It contains:

  • package.yaml

Prepare a compressed virtual harddisk of the „Ubuntu-Server“-VM
Locate the original virtual harddisk:

user@KVM-1:~$ sudo ls /var/lib/libvirt/images/ -l
total 3238172
-rw------- 1 root root 21478375424 Feb  2 23:14 ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2

Convert the original „.qcow2“-File into a compressed „copy“:

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container$ sudo qemu-img convert -p -c -o compat=0.10 -O qcow2 /var/lib/libvirt/images/ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2 ./ubuntu-server16.04/ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container$ cd ubuntu-server16.04/
user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ ls -lh
total 1,2G
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1,2G Feb  2 23:26 ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2

Change the Owner of this new file:

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ sudo chown user:user ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2 
user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ ls -lh
total 1,2G
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 1,2G Feb  2 23:26 ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2
user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ copy ../package.yaml ./package.yaml

I’ll change:

  • Description: „KVM Ubuntu 16.04 LTS“
  • resources/vcpu: 1
  • disk/file: ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2

The vCPU# got decreased since the CSR1000v only supports Service-VMs with one vCPU.

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ joe ./package.yaml
manifest-version: 1.0

  name: ubuntu
  description: "KVM Ubuntu 16.04 LTS"
  version: 1.1

  # Indicate app type (vm, paas, lxc etc.,)
  apptype: vm

   cpu: 10
   memory: 854016
   vcpu: 1

    - target-dev: hdc
      file: ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2

    - target-dev: net1

    - console
    - aux

  # Specify runtime and startup
    runtime: kvm
    boot-dev: hd

Another File „version.ver“ has to be created:

  • the „version“ must match the „manifest-version“ of the yaml-file.
user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ echo 1.0 > version.ver

Check the content of the VM-folder

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ ls -l
total 1206788
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user        437 Feb  3 20:13 package.yaml
-rw-r--r-- 1 user user 1239148032 Feb  2 23:26 ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2
-rw-rw-r-- 1 user user          4 Feb  2 23:33 version.ver

Create the OVA-File

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04$ cd ..

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container$ ./ -mts 200000 -mfs 100000 ubuntu-server16.04 v1.0(Linux) - Create a virtual-service OVA package

User inputs:
  Compress=(files > '100000M' if total 
            file size > '200000M')

Package name :  ubuntu
 Generating SHA1 on files...
Running SHA1 over all files in '/home/user/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04' and
    creating manifest file '', please wait...

Done creating '' file
 ...Done Generating SHA1 on files
Creating ' ubuntu.ova' please wait...

'/home/user/isr-service-container/ubuntu-server16.04/ ubuntu.ova' created

Manifest Contents:
SHA1(package.yaml)= fb47cf5b764a7bb062561a4f67d830003f8e4d5a  
SHA1(ubuntu-server16.04.qcow2)= 732c8ac9dc81ab6b2695fe6c045bec4493d77168  
SHA1(version.ver)= 61652cd1568dcf2614df833eba241755eee34e89  

Copy the OVA-File to the Router:

user@KVM-1:~/isr-service-container$ scp ./ubuntu-server16.04/ubuntu.ova <ios-user>@<csr1000v-management-router-ip>:bootflash:ubuntu1604.ova
Password: <ios-password>
ubuntu.ova                                                                                         100% 1182MB   1.2MB/s   17:05    
Connection to closed by remote host.

Check the ISR-Router:


Directory of bootflash:/
   22  -rw-  1239152640   Feb 3 2018 19:00:42 +00:00  ubuntu1604.ova
7897796608 bytes total (4507389952 bytes free)

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