OTP (One-Time-Passwords) and KeePass: no Plugins required

Plugins might bring additional features or ease the usage. But if someone is happy with „Auto-Type“ or „copy&paste“-Passwords from KeePass into a VPN-Client-GUI for example:

  • works out of the box
  • no need to add anything to KeePass

Entry.Password: {TIMEOTP} Placeholder

just place the String {TIMEOTP} before or behind – like the VPN-Server is configured – your (fixed) User-Password.

  • {TIMEOTP} acts as a placeholder
  • it will get replaced by your constantly changing (in my setup 6-digit) token.


The generator needs some parameters to calculate the correct values, of course

Advanced: String Fields

Add a String Field:

  • Field Name: TimeOtp-Secret-Base32
    • seems to be the most common variant
    • valid for OPNsense TOTP
  • Field Value: <OTP seed> //OPNsense=>System.Access.Users.perUser

Additional Parameters can get configured:

Thats all.


Since i’m trying to get rid of Evernote, too anoying too often, i’ll start to document non-private-stuff here.

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