Annoying Firefox-Defaults to be changed

The Firefox-Developers know best what’s good for their users, so they hide a bunch of Settings in


so it’s hard to find them.

Some of them I change in every Firefox installation:

  • ask me if i want to download MP4-Files, disable the build-in Media-Player = false
  • use the DNS, not Google – if I enter a single word as URL
keyword.enabled = false
  • stop asking me if I really want to leave a page
dom.disable_beforeunload := true
  • stop autocompletion in the URL-Bar
browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled = false
browser.fixup.alternate.enabled = false
browser.fixup.alternate.prefix = (empty)
browser.fixup.alternate.suffix = (empty)

accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar 0

browser.fixup.alternate.suffix prod.local true

browser.tabs.warnOnClose false
browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled false
network.dns.disablePrefetch true


Since i’m trying to get rid of Evernote, too anoying too often, i’ll start to document non-private-stuff here.