Python Scapy: Wait for CDP-Neighbor

After provisioning a new Cisco CSR1000V-Router this script

  • waits until the router is fully deployed
  • got it’s Management-IP-Address assigned via DHCP.

and returns this Management IP-Address.

  1. Prepare
  2. First, install „netaddr“-package.

    • needed to check, if the management-IP of the CDP-Neighbor is in the correct IP-Subnet
    C:\RH>pip install netaddr
    Collecting netaddr
      Downloading (1.6MB)
        100% |████████████████████████████████| 1.6MB 4.0MB/s
    Installing collected packages: netaddr
    Successfully installed netaddr-0.7.19
  3. the „wait-for-CDP“-Script
  4. Obviously far to much hard-coded stuff, just as an example 😉 waiting for a CDP-Neighbor to appear with the following properties:

    • hostname „CSR-A“
    • an IP-Address within the network „ /24“
    • at the interface

    • VirtualBox Host-Only-Network
    #! /usr/bin/env python
    from scapy.all import *
    from netaddr import IPNetwork, IPAddress
    # run it for max. 99 Packets
    ip = ""
    wait_for_hostname = "CSR-A"
    wait_for_host_in_network = ""
    interface="VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter"
    capturefilter="ether dst 01:00:0c:cc:cc:cc"
    while not(IPAddress(ip) in IPNetwork(wait_for_host_in_network)):
      p=sniff(iface=interface, count=1, filter=capturefilter)
      #print("Packet received",
      #is this a CDP-Packet containing a hostname?
      if (CDPMsgDeviceID in pkt):
        #is this the CDP-Neighbor we're looking for?
        if (hostname == wait_for_hostname):
          #is this a CDP-Packet containing a management-IP-Address?
          if (CDPAddrRecordIPv4 in pkt):
            #print("IP-Address found:",ip)
    #return the IP-Address to the calling application or the CLI
  5. Provision a new CSR1000V Router named „CSR-A“
  6. C:\RH>CSR1000v-Virtual-Box.cmd
    Enter CSR1000v Hostname:CSR-A
    Virtual machine 'CSR-A' is created and registered.
    UUID: 8a9c969e-3895-4a7c-9cbc-5f5551bf1b7b
    Settings file: 'c:\RH\LAB\VM\CSR-A\CSR-A.vbox'
    Creating ISO image at c:\RH\LAB\VM\CSR-A\config.iso, 1 Files, Size: 8,00 KB
    Medium created. UUID: 55ea8df5-7e3c-4485-8e08-9302cb61a09d
    Waiting for VM "CSR-A" to power on...
    VM "CSR-A" has been successfully started.
  7. Run the „wait-for-CDP-Neighbor“-Script
  8. In a second CMD-Box, and… Be patient, of course.

  9. Or store the returned IP-Address in an Shell-Variable „ROUTER-IP“/li>
    C:\RH>for /f %I in ('python 2^> nul') do @(set ROUTER-IP=%I)
  10. and pass it to putty – using public-key authentication
  11. The Public-Key for user „labuser“ is part of my baseline-config used to provision the virtual-router.

    C:\RH>putty -ssh -i C:\RH\work\putty-rsa-key\labuser.ppk labuser@%ROUTER-IP%

    Works, this is a nice preparation for an automated virtual ansible-lab, too!

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