This is not for general usage, but an „admin-Jumphost“-computer/vm which needs to get flash enabled from time to time and is never used for public internet browsing… There it might be an un-dogmatic solution to install the last Firefox 78.15 ESR Release. Find it here: Disable Auto-Update That’s easy Firefox Settings => Update Settings => „Disable Automatic Updates“ Disable Update-Notification That’s harder – Firefox guys (think to) know better what’s good for their users and they don’t even provide an „about:config“-switch: fail! Add the following registry Key: Add the following 32-Bit DWORD with value set to and restart Firefox.Read More →

Comments are greyed out by default, nobody should read them 😉 I don’t want to think about the comment-quality of the Atom-Sourcecode, just kidding 😉   To change the comment-colour to a fresh and visible green: open the file (as administrator) c:\>notepad c:\Users\<username>\.atom\styles.less atom-text-editor::shadow { .punctuation.comment, .comment, .link.hyperlink { color: #88ff88; } }Read More →