Python: Combine NetIfaces, Scapy and IPAddress to find local connected network

You got the task to generate a list of IP-Networks connected to LAN „VirtualBox Host-Only Network“. There might be more than one IP-Network.

Use Scapy to crawl through all Interfaces and get the human-readable interface name [only required for windows users]. Use NetIfaces to get a list of IP-Addresses connected to this interface. Use IPAddress to calculate the IP-Network(s) directly connected.

! multiple IPs per Interface supporte
from netifaces import AF_INET, AF_INET6, AF_LINK
import netifaces

from scapy.all import *

import ipaddress

if_name = "VirtualBox Host-Only Network"
if_id = ""
if_inet = []

for i in
  iface =[i]
  wname =['netid']
  if wname == if_name:
    if_id = i
    addresses = netifaces.ifaddresses(i)
    if AF_INET in addresses:
      for addr in netifaces.ifaddresses(i)[AF_INET]:
        ipaddr = ipaddress.ip_interface(addr["addr"]+"/"+addr["netmask"])
        ipnetwork =

print("NAME: {0}\nIP: {1}\nID: {2}".format(if_name,if_inet,if_id))

In my case, only one subnet is directly connected:

{'addr': '', 'netmask': '', 'broadcast': ''}
>>> print("NAME: {0}\nIP: {1}\nID: {2}".format(if_name,if_inet,if_id))
NAME: VirtualBox Host-Only Network
IP: [IPv4Network('')]
ID: {D30DEC05-D495-4DA1-81F1-42B07885B0EB}

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